Can't save my html email template

Hello everybody.

I’ve created an email template using Foundation for Emails 2. Now, I’d like to use it as a template for sending emails via invoiceplane, but every time I try to save it, I’m redirected to dashboard, and my changes are discarded.

When I put the code in the email template editor field and hot the refresh button, everything is displayed properly; the problem does present when I hit the save button. I’m currently running invoiceplane version 1.4.10 on my personal hosting service. Thank you in advance for any help.

Hi @baglio

I just created an email template from one of the templates on Foundation and it worked.

I would perhaps recommend that you try logging out and logging back in. If that doesn’t work trying deleting your cookies and try again.



Hey, @daleirvine12, and thank you for your suggestion.

I’ve tried clearing my cahce, log-out and log-in and using another browser, but unfortunately I had no luck :disappointed:.
Did you happen to use the regular Foundation framework or the email specific one?

Thank you again.

Tried both and they worked fine.

Maybe try install another copy of InvoicePlane on another part of your hosting and see if it could be an issue with your current install.

Other than that I’m not really sure whats going on.