Invoice numbering


I am using invoceplane for my company and just have one question at the moment. My invoce numbers are “year-no_of_invoice” e.g. 2017-01, 2017-02 etc.

In 2016 it was all good, as I made 2016-01 etc, but now in 2017 it continues from where it ended in 2016. In my case I sent 39 invoices out in 2016, but in 2017 this number continues. I need to manually fix invoice number, so it starts with 2017-01 and not with 2017-40. How to achive this? I need to say I am not on final version of invoiceplane, but I have plans to update these days, due to costum pdf template.

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Simply create a new invoice group that contains the 2017 and set the next ID to 1.

Make sure that there are NO other invoices from 2017 that contain the same ID or you will get introuble because of duplicate invoice numbers.