No input file specified

Downloaded and extracted zip 1.4.10
Ive edited the .htaccess for RewriteBase /invoices
edited index.php for
upload to server under subfolder invoices
navigate to
and get "No input file specified"
php version on server 5.4

First of all InvoicePlane requires PHP > 5.5.
Then also try to get it working without the htaccess file (rename it or so).

Is this the reason there are GoDaddy issues, godaddy only gives the option for php5.3 (default) or 5.4

If that’s really the case you should move to another provider as fast as possible. PHP 5.4 is not supported anymore which is a huge security risk especially for an app like InvoicePlane.

…and GoDaddy is a known issue here in the forums. Various people reported problems with this hoster.

Thanks for the help Kovah, im looking at HostGator - ill report back if I can get my site/service transferred to HG

Ok so I upgraded my GoDaddy hosting to Deluxe and have php5.6, made it all the way thru setup until login… when I try to login with the user from setup, I get a 404 (at /invoices/sessions/login)

EDIT - spoke too soon, was getting the 404 but may have been due to trying to remove index.php from URL (?), changed back and had to navigate back to /invoices to try login again

EDIT 2 - Redirect /setup in .htaccess isnt working , due to mod_rewrite ?

@Kovah So along with upgrading GoDaddy, support confirmed mod_rewrite is enabled, htaccess needed subfolder in redirect line, and to remove index.php in URL needed RewriteRule .* index.php [L] (along with removing index.php in config.php)