Missing German translations for recurring invoice settings

When creating a recurring invoice, some of the options for the recurrence setting are missing in the German translation:

Is there any other way to report such things directly to the developers? Or is the forum the way to go?

Download latest translations

The missing translation keys are the following:


But these are not available on crowdin.com. Furthermore, there is a discrepancy in the English translation as well:

Notice how it says “4 Months” and “Six Months” instead of “6 Months”. Also the keys are different. The former is


while the latter is


–I updated the translation on Crowdin.–

–Edit: update does not work on Crowdin, seems to be a server issue. I contacted the support.–

–Edit 2: Whoops. Amazon S3 is down. Seems to be the cause for the problems at Crowdin.–

Edit 3: Translations are now updated. Happy translating!

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