Different admin with different client information/invoice viewed

Hi All,

I have a search with the forum, the most similar are the below:

However, my situation are as follows and see how I can configure Invoice Plane to solve:

  • My company has multiple groups of salesperson and assigned sales admin, the assigned sales admin and salesperson would manage the invoice/quote for their client
  • However, is there any way for the salesperson to look into the information about its client ONLY and the salesperson can have access the client information under its sales group.

Since Invoice Plane only has admin and guest role, I cannot think about a solution for that.



I’m sorry if InvoicePlane does not fit your specific needs. Unfortunately user roles are not easy to implement and would need to rewrite major party of the application which is just not possible at the moment.

Best regards

Hi Kovah,

That’s fine, your team has already done a very good work.


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