Guest account and clients homonymy

Hi all,
Maybe we have a little problem. The guest accounts allow you to create a user account which can only view invoices and payments for one or more clients.

A guest account may be created for a particular client, in which case you would create the account and grant access to only that client.

But what happens when there are two or more people/clients with the same name?
I need show a new field during selection, such information should be sufficient to prevent confusion in the case of homonymy.

for eg.

Mario Rossi -> from Milan
Mario Rossi -> from Rome

In that very specific (and maybe uncommon) case I would suggest adding the city in brackets to the name:

Mario Rossi (Milan)
Mario Rossi (Rome)

It happened to me. Actually, in Italy it’s very common, often we have two people in the same city :frowning:
Maybe I should to choose another field -> e-mail address should be fine.
Sorry, Which files I’d have to modify in my case?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You mean that in the form for guest accounts you can’t differ between two clients, right?
I added an issue report for that:

Yes, perfect.
And I think I’ve done!

file: modal_user_client.php


<?php // show email address for each client (remove homonymy problem) foreach ($clients as $client) { echo "client_name) . "\" "; **echo ">" . htmlspecialchars($client->client_name) ." - ". htmlspecialchars($client->client_email) ."**"; } ?>

here the screenshot

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