Unable to create Invoice or Quote from filtered customer list

I did install InvoicePlane and it works great. However I found a strange issue. When I have a complete customer list and i select the option to create an invoice for a certain customer this works fine.
When i filter the customer list, in the filtered list there is also the option to create an invoice but it does nothing.
Now when i remove the filter and the complete customerlist is showing again, the option to create an invoice does not work either.
It’s the same issue for the Create Quote option.

Not realy a problem because there are several ways to create an invoice or quote but i just would let you know i found this issue…

This has to do with the way the related jquery event handlers are registered. In the layout.php file (application/modules/layout/views) file, all click handlers are registered using this syntax:

$('.client-create-invoice').click(function () {

This is what causes the problem. After filtering, content is loaded via ajax call and click handlers do not apply because the new elements do not exists in the dom. A solution for this issue is to declare all handlers using:

$(document).on('click', '.client-create-invoice', function(){
@Kovah, i’ve added a pul request for this in the v1.5.0 branch.

Thanks @stathis. I merged the pull request.
Fix will be shipped with v1.5.0.