Client email field should be mandatory

Hi All,
When I insert a new client -> clients/form, If I don’t write anything inside field Name I see an error.
But it looks like email field is not required, how I can do this for email field?
I mean, the invoice shall be sent to client by email. Truthfully, that could be a problem.


solved (for all), thank @Kovah :slight_smile:


‘client_email’ => array(
‘field’ => ‘client_email’,
‘label’ => trans(‘email_address’),
‘rules’ => ‘required|valid_email’

Fix will be included in the next version:

IMO this wouldn’t be so great. I don’t always have a clients email address and often give them invoices on-site. I would have to either make something up or go back and edit the config to make it not mandatory (which wouldn’t be too hard).

Perhaps have field requirements configurable.

In many cases, things are not as simple as that, plus, there are many scenarios where clients get their invoices hand by hand, via post or even via a not automated email, attached with other docs such as offers etc.

You are quite right. But in Italy each company/customer must have an e-mail address named PEC mail:
here information ->
So, I can always use this PEC for sent invoice.