Guest self account subscription

Hi we need option for guest to be able to subscribe create user ID/password for user level - Guest and by doing that also open/create client account in the invoiceplane application.
The same way all e-commerce application allow non existing user to subscribe and create entry level account, the same way you requested us to set our community access account to be able to submit this topic.
The current version requires only admin to manually set every client account and user credentials for log in.

Is that plausible to be done?

Thank you


KGV Consulting Corp.

At the moment such a feature is not yet planned and may also not be that easy to implement.
I will convert this to a feature request to keep it for later.

Hello, if you didn’t you can check the Their product in general is not as good as yours except the part for user self subscription. So if you get that part working you will have very good application