Paypal has stopped working

Paypal last worked on Jan 21, 2017. I have several clients that always pay me using online. Most of them were late.

I have tested it and you just get returned to the invoice with a message:

Sorry, but there was a problem processing your payment…

I haven’t changed anything. I am in the process of backing up my 1.4.8 version so i can update to 1.4.10 but I don’t see anything in the change logs about a change to the merchant setup. So I’m skeptical it will fix the issue. Maybe it will, anywhere else I should look?

Please follow the guide about errors within your setup in the FAQ linked in the header.

Doing that now, I actually think it’s a paypal problem. First support person at paypal i talked to didn’t even know you could do guest checkout via paypal express. I was hoping someone else was having the issue with paypal too.

My comment back to her: if we can’t, and we could before, you do realize how many small companies are going to switch to square?

I digress… on to the FAQ.

There ya go. Before I upgraded i did fix the undefined index for $invoice_item_total, i believe it should be $invoice_item_subtotal.

I wish I was a little stronger with PHP I would love to help you out. Appreciate all you do to help us keep using the software!