App issues and an update fail... Please help


We’ve been using InvoicePlane on a self hosted server for several months. Recently, the user has began experiencing erratic behavior. Like line items not appearing or edits not showing up immediately.

I noticed there was an update available (v1.4.10) so I proceeded to update the software. I followed the steps provided in the wiki, but I cannot seem to get it to work.

First, it says to change the URL in index.php. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where or for that matter, which index.php file it is referencing. I assume the root index, but I don’t see any spot for a URL… even opened the index.php file from the old version and there’s nothing in there pertaining to a URL that I added.

Second, assuming the above was correct (which it wasn’t, since I didn’t actually do anything asked)… the final step of going to gives a 404 error since there is no folder (directory) in the root folder named Setup. I do however, vaguely remember having one when I initially installed the app.

Please advise.

There is the following part on top of the index.php file in the root directory:

 * ---------------------------------------------------------------
 * Basic InvoicePlane Settings
 * ---------------------------------------------------------------
 * Please set your preferred URL for IP_URL like this:
 * define('IP_URL', '');
 * If you want to use a sub-domain, add it to the URL like this:
 * define('IP_URL', '');
 * for local environments withour any domains you may use this:
 * define('IP_URL', 'http://localhost/invoices/');
 * ---------------------------------------------------------------
 * If you have any problems with the application you may set the
 * debug setting to 'true' which enables additional logging which
 * is helpful for finding the cause of the problems.

define('IP_URL', '');

If you don’t have this in your index.php file you should re-download the package from the website and replace your old directory with it.