Dashboard interface error?

Hello, I am writing because in my invoiceplane something strange happens.
I installed the program and everything worked well.
Now, however, after a few days the dashboard and other sections of the program is incomplete.
I enclose a screen with the problem view.
Does anyone have an idea of what happened?
Maybe on my server have created some restrictions?
permission problem?
is like if it was not loaded css files…

Thanks a lot to everyone!

Strange Dashboard

Could you please post a screenshot of your browser console?

You can find instructions via Google for your specific browser.

Hi Kovah,

Thank you very much for your assistance.

I tried to look in the console and indeed it there is an error,
what can it be? My server error?

See the screen below…

Thanks so much

Do you use the .htaccess file to remove index.php from the URL?

I do not know what you mean. I use, as a url, a subdomain of my main site to access invoiceplane. everything worked properly and suddenly came this error …

Hi Derek,
Have you checked Apache permissions for files??

Hi Remo,

I tried to set permission like this:

Files: 644
Folder: 755

Nothing is changed…

I do not understand, it is that everything worked perfectly. Then he stopped working. On the server I know have made some of Policy updates, which also had a problem with my sites but now they are solved.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Hi Derek,
read this topic: Subfolder InvoicePlane installation doesn't work! about subfolder InvoicePlane installation.


inexplicably now everything works! :tired_face:
The only thing I changed on the server (for another problem I had) is the PHP memory limit from 32mb to 128mb and now everything works.
Maybe it was full and worked only part of invoiceplane.

If you can help someone in the future may want to try this solution.

Thank you very much for helping!

Nice job Derek, keep it up!