See reports in html table bypass creation of PDF

The reports function is great however I can’t use the pdf to import the data into Excel. I’ve tried copy and paste but it puts all the data in one cell. From looking at the reports php I see that it is in fact generating an html table and then generating the pdf. I’d just like the option to not have it generate the pdf and view the html table.

Last Update: 27.01.2017

In the mean time I have solved my issue. Editing /application/modules/reports/controllers/reports.php by commenting out

#pdf_create($html, trans('sales_by_client'), true);

and adding

echo $html;exit;

This just echos the html that would have been turned into the pdf in the current window.

Maybe you can beter implement this solution by adding a “View Report” button, which echoes $html variable, and change the “run report” to “Generate pdf”. It would be a nice extra feature for InvoicePlane.

I debated doing this, but I didn’t because it would involve more coding and you can always just print to PDF in your browser if you want it. I just didn’t like it auto creating a PDF as it finalized the format. With just the straight html table you can do what you want with the data - much more useful as a report that way.