Question about deleting clients

Didn’t find a note about that in demo and wiki, so i’m hoping to find an answer here.
Great piece of software by the way :slight_smile: The only thing that is making me afraid, that in demo i can delete the client, and all the quotes and invoices inspite of their status are deleted too.

Isn’t it a flaw? For example… imagine if i work with this software for 3-5 years and accidentally delete the client… all the data from that period is gone. Wow. Is there a way to stop this?

This function was implemented by the original developer and not touched since then. There’s much room for enhancements but I don’t have the time to work on things like this at the moment.

But to be fair: if you run a business that uses any technology that saves business data, then you should do daily backups no matter what. That way no data will be lost if you accidentially delete something.

We have a similar discussion in a different topic.

Same thing here, I don’t think the invoices should be deleted.
The client needs to be flagged as ‘deleted’ or ‘archived’ so everything else stay’s as it is.

For example, in the Netherlands you have to save your administration for at least 5 years.

And of course, backups help :slight_smile: