Error showing results in Dashboard: Invoice Overview

I’m trying the new InvoicePlane v1.2. It seems good but I have a problem in my Dashboard, specifically in Invoice Overview table.

That table doesn’t shows the correct values, and the previous version shows it completely correct. I’m using the same database, so the results should be the same.

Have you make any change about database fields? The other tables are correct so I don’t know what is happening.

Thanks for your help.

Die you read that you can set a custom period for these overviews?
The amounts displayed can’t be the same anymore.

Yes, I selected the Last Year option and I have a lot of invoices in last year so the table should have values. The problem is that all values in the table are 0€ and it is not correct. In the previous version those values are correct so I don’t know what is the cause of that. The other tables have the correct values.

Ok, could be a problem with the amounts of the current month that will be fixed in the next version but I’m not sure about this. Does the app calculates the amounts for the current year or other options?

I think that could be a problem showing the results because if I click in the link called Draft, Paid, etc. There are all the invoices with their amounts but then those invoices are not shown in the table of the Dashboard.

Yes, there is a problem now in dashboard invoice overview. The SUM is not good. The current year setting does not properly calculated. It calculates the current month.
EDIT: I have deleted manually the following two rows and now it is all good

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Yes, delet those lines in the code fixes it! Thank you.