Serious Help Needed

OK, so i need this for a Taxi company that i help run.

I need to change quite a lot of the fields on the invoice system and need to know if it’s possible and if it is how to do it.

Current setup is stock out of the box.

Don’t need any of the fields currently on the invoice making part apart from the price.

Fields required: Date, Passenger(s), Journey Details, Journey Extras, Price.

Then need it to show the VAT paid on the total amount on the bottom?

Is any of this possible?

Sure, why not?
You can add any details like the date, passengers,… in the item description.

See i need my invoice structure quite weird, below is the list of columns i need

Date - Journey From - Journey To - Fare - Waiting - Parking/CC - Excess Luggage

The people i deal with expect nothing less than this.

How can this be done if at all with this program?

Do they need this in the I voice PDFs or what do they need?
If it’s about the PDFs you can basically do anything with the data. It’s plain HTML and PHP.

Thanks for the reply again, i need it in columns like above on both the input and the output so people don’t get confused.

Would be really cool to do this.

The bottom highlighted red add up to the way you see highlighted in red above.