Login issue in Mobile Chrome browser

Login issue in Mobile Chrome browser. After putting username passwords it refresh and lands in login page ever time. But in other mobile browsers like UC Browser it works.

<?php echo $code_example; ?>

Hi @Deep,
I’ve tried to reproduce the error, but couldn’t manage to do it. Could you give us the link where IP is running? A possible solution might be to do set the IP_URL in your index.php file at line 21, that should look like this:

define('IP_URL', 'www.yourlink.com');
define('IP_URL', 'www.yourlink.com');

is wrong.

It has to be

define('IP_URL', 'http://www.yourlink.com');

Thank You very much I will try this and get back to you.

Any update on this?
Have the same issue with login page from chrome mobile (Galaxy S7 Edge), but firefox logs in fine
Have also tried setting “request desktop site” option