Want to access invoice plane outside of my network

At this time I can only access my dashboard while on my home network. What does it take to be able to access my dashboard outside my home network?

You must set up the port forwarding in your router.

Hi @SophisticatedBear,
your question is too general… where have you installed InvoicePlane?

Thanks for your replies. I have port 80 forwarded already. Invoiceplane is installed in a sub folder of my webpage.

I made a few changes yesterday. I cant see my webpage or invoice from outside my network now. Before I was able to see my webpage. But at least I eliminated the index.php portion from my invoice dashboard url. Anyone know what i should look at first?

Admin please delete this thread. the nature of this problem is not what I initially considered. A new thread will be made to better accommodate the current stance on the problem I am having.