BUG! Installation is not performed as it should be

I am facing an issue on my domains. My sessions are not working as it should. I do not know what is going on. I deleted the folder, the database, I created another subdomain, I used my another server (using another company) and I am not able to install the invoice goddamn plane. What is going on my dear developer?

I can go to the select language page, when I go further to the second page to check the requirements, the third step loops back to the select language page. OMG!

I have never seen this before. How in this world different web servers and different databases do not work?


Let me add some other issues: This is not my first time installation, I know how to do it. In my current version (1.4.9) when I log in, suddenly I got logged out.

Can you install via cPanel auto installer/Softaculous?
Try with older version, if it works, then do the update manually.