Option to make product/invoice tax auto included

Hi there,

would be cool if, like Clientbase, there is a System option for invoice/product rules not only setting the default tax to use but also to let invoices calculate the tax value based on product item price (or invoice total).

For example.
A product saved with price 10,- AND option to have default tax of 21% already in price entered meaning on the invoice the product line shows 10,- including tax of 21% and the tax amount and price before tax are recalculated so the total is still 10,-. The invoice productline would then automatically look like:
ProductX Euro 8,26 BTW/Tax 1,74 Total 10,-


afaik it should be added with 2.x + more about taxes.

the reply i got when i asked about it some time ago:

Cool, hope to see the next version early next year :slight_smile: