Quotes not saving or updating


for some reason when i create a quote it wont let me update it since i added my custom fields.

any advice or the file i need to look into?

The question is which custom fields did you add? And what you store in there?

i added 32 custom fields. they work on the invoices when i add or update an invoice.

the save button on the quote just seems to not do anything - even add an item or update a custom field etc.

Could you copy the last ~50 lines of the logs from /application/logs/ and share them with us via pastebin.com?
Errors with saving should be stored in there.


does this help?


it is from today’s log file

I just noticed v1.2 is out :smile:

I will update to that and let you know if the problem still exists :smile:

The problem still exists :frowning:

Please do the following:

  1. Delete the logs file
  2. Enter the application and open a quote / invoice you couldn’t save.
  3. Try to save again
  4. If post the content of the whole logfile again.

If you have access to the webserver log files please post them too as they could contain more information.


I deleted all my custom fields and the problem was sorted.

I will add my custom fields again and let you know by tomorrow if the problem comes back.

Appreciate your guidance so far. :smile:

It would be very helpful to know which custom field leads to the problem.
Looking forward to your answer.

the original problem was related to the custom fields for my quotes.

This time I will do custom fields for each section at a time and test before I move on to the next.

I will let you know today or tomorrow. :smile:


Just to let you know the problem was sorted. It seemed the custom fields got corrupt somehow when I was creating them for invoices.

Once I deleted all 31 and recreated them, it seems to be fine even after some testing. Hopefully it stays that way :smile:

Thanks for your guidance though. :smile: