PDF Blank Screen

I have a fresh install of Invoice pLane but when I try and print/download an invoice I get a blank screen. I could do with a solution ASAP. Also there used to be a feature “Enable the Debug Mode” but this is not present in the latest version.

See https://wiki.invoiceplane.com/en/1.0/general/faq#debugmode on how to use the debug mode

This is the report from this morning


Complete reinstall this morning but the same issue, I’ve noticed that if I try and put a currency symbol in (£) and save it then it dissappears, if I put it in £ it stays until the next time you go into the settings. I’m really desperate for this to be fixed this is the latest error log


Any help from anyone would be appriciated

Just this problem is really weird as it’s working as expected on my systems.
Could oyu please post more information about you environment?

I’m running it on a VPS, I can supply you with login details and ftp if required. I have an older version running on another VPS which is unable to update to the latest version but is working as it should for me.

Must be something missing from the server as I’ve put it onto another VPS and it’s running fine now

Could you double check the requirements from the wiki? Some special requirements exist for the PDF generation.