[Solved] Howto change language

where should I place the two language files for the german language downloaded by translation.invoiceplan.com?
There is a folder language in the installation, but it is named english, not en_US nor en_GB; and if I place the german langiugage files in a folder de_DE in the language folder no decision of language is possible, its ever only english.

I’ve downloaded and installed the newest version…

Thanks for help in advance


Hi there.
You habe to place the de_DE folder which contains the IP_lang.php file in the languages dir. The file structure has to be languages/de_DE/IP.lang.php and the same for the merchant file.

Thanks for your advice - but it does not function.
Uuups - I saw - there are “a lot” of language-directories…
The only one which is for the program-language is located in

It’s the same every time: you do it right, it goes straight :wink:

Thank you for the hint, it helped me to look deeper and not only on the language-dir in the doc-root…

Greetings from the OreMountains in Germany


Yes sorry its a bit confusing but I can’t change the folder structure in our development repo.

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