Unit of Measure

I would like to have a unit of measure field in the invoice creation and on the product.
Maybe as drop-down with values PC, hours, days, kg, meter,…

I would like to step in on this topic and implement this. So my question is @Kovah, how this should be done.

I think this is a usual requirement to either sell serives and have the unit “hour” or “day” or sell things and have units like “piece”. So I think these units should appear in quotes and invoices.

My question is, if we should enhance the database model of the products to make it a default product attribute (which I would prefer and see it as logical step) or if we should add custom fields to products.

Thanks a lot

I would add a small dropdown to the item table that displays a predefined unit. Like this:

The unit is saved to the database in the item table.

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OK. In addition I would try to add the attribute “unit” to the products. Which eases the use. When selecting a predefined product, we could preset the dropdown.

Is it ok to let the administrator define the units? I would do this.
Or would you see this as overkill?


  1. Add table ip_units in accordance to ip_families.
  2. Add view for units just like the view for the product families to create and edit units. This view can be called from the menu products.
  3. In the table ip_products add a column unit_id.
  4. In the view product add a dropdown for the unit next to the price.
  5. Add this unit to the item in the quote or the invoice. Allow changing this value in the items view of the quote/invoice.
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Yeah sounds good!

I created an issue to refer to if you want to work on this.

Thanks. I will do (since I need this feature ;-))