Guest link shows blank page

I’m happy for this new open source project and I hope we can contribute to it! :slight_smile:
One question. On every quote/invoice there is a guest link, that if I click give white page? I think it’s a link to accept quotation by customers? Correct? Why blank page?

Thank you


Added as an issue. Should be fixed in v1.0.1

Hi kovah, the same problem in fusioninvoice last version… maybe can help you!
Have you a plan of developement of invoiceplane?

oooohhh… I try now and works correctly… I will do some check to understand when works properly and when not! :slight_smile:

I tried this several times but it seems to work for me. Please provide error logs or something like that so I can reproduce the bug.

hi Kovah! I found what append: if invoice is a draft give blank page! Maybe when is a draft link have to disappear… what do you think about?

Sounds plausible.
I think it would be an easier solution to hide the link if the quote / invoice is a draft.

Hi Kovah,
I am using InvoicePlane 1.2.1, i still see this issue. If quote is in Draft status, guest link appears at the bottom and if i click that link “Blank” page appears.

Jagadesh K

Uhm what?
The link is not displayed anymore in the last version… You can’t click any link if the invoice is a draft.

I want to duplicate the public view as the pdf template, I simply copy the template from pdf to public folder but no luck. How can I make them be the same?

Because the web and PDF templates simply can’t be the same.

I usually customise the style by lookup the selector via the inspector, as I want to modify the PDF layout, but I can’t view the stylesheet of the PDF template and I cannot know the selector of the tag. Is there any document about the style setting of the PDF template?

The default styles are located in assets/default/css/templates.css and all selectors can be found in the template itself.

I read the tempalte.css but seem no selector is associated to the font in the header. I duplicated the Simplified Chinese language and build the Traditional Chinese. I download both the PDF for both English and Traditional Chinese, obviously the font type in the header are different. As this is the PDF format, I cannot able to view the style in inspector and don’t know what font-type the selector is using.

I want to apply the same font-family of the invoice-details in English to Traditional Chinese, is it possible to view the PDF template in HTML format so I can easily to trace the stylesheet using inspector?