Creating a Debit Note (Template?)

Hello, newbie here.
I want to create a Debit Note template, which will allow me to post a sort of follow-up note. This is useful for me, since there are expenses which are taxed differently from the invoice amount.
For all practical purposes, the same invoice template, with the heading ‘invoice’ removed and replaced with ‘debit note’ ought to work. Could someone please help with that?

Thanks and congratulations for creating such a great product! :slight_smile:


No response so far! :frowning: Help is really appreciated…thanks again for your time…

Duplicate the invoice template, set the default template for invoices to your duplicated template before you want to print the debit not of an invoice and then simply download the PDF.
There’s no other way to achieve this functionality at the moment.

Thanks a lot for your response…