Header/Footer Fix - v1.4.9 - Solution Provided

I have found some fix for multipage header and footer, idk if there was any solution, I can hardly google the solution, my friend fix it up for me, so i am going to share it here.

I will use HEADER as an example, hope I can explain it clearly. Here we go:

First, go to your template file, we use quotation template as an example:

and you may want to have your custom-pdf.css ready as well:

Now, go to the template file, you need to add <HTMLpageheader name='header_name'> anywhere you might want to start defining your header. and close it with </HTMLpageheader> at the end of your header. For example:

<HTMLpageheader name='header_name'> <–Start with this
<header class="clearfix">
here is where your header content goes...
</HTMLpageheader> <-- End with this

Save your file, now go to the /assets/default/css custom-pdf.css file, add:
@page {
header: header_name;
footer: footer_name;

anywhere, believe me, just add it and save. While "header_name" and "footer_name" can be whatever name you created. just make sure they are the same in both template and css file.

Save the file and then refresh your invoice~ DONE!!!

Same for footer.

And same for invoice tempalte. As the custom-pdf.css is used by all of the template by default, you just need to do it once.

Hope I am making it clear enough. If someone already know and/or have better solution, please throw it out, I am spending quite a lot time searching for multipage solution. :slight_smile: