Will discounts stay that way with 2.x?


I really love your work there are just some things which i find quite strange / don´t fit my mindset and i wanted to ask if they might be changed with 2.x .

discount is not shown on the bill / pdf.

if you have a 400€ bill, with 20% tax 100€ discount its shown like this:

sum 400€
tax 80€
total 380€ (which is quite strange since the discount is not shown anywhere)

2nd (i found some thread but i still don´t get it why it is handled that way by default)
if you have like 10 items (amount does not matter) each item costs 20€ -> 200€ total but you have a discount per item of 5 (-> 10*(20-5) = 150€) the tax is calculated from the 200€ and not the discounted amount which makes no sense for me.

confirmation of you delete a costumer which still has bills to him attached -> you can delete quite fast the costumer and all bills by a simple mistake.

thanks for reading it i hope i don´t bother you to much.

Discounts will be completely overhauled for InvoicePlane 2. You will be able to add multiple discounts for items and vouchers. You will be able to select when the discounts will be calculated (before / after taxes) etc.