Valutasymbol before amount with one fixed space between

At this moment this option is only possible after the amount. But the correct placement is before the amount like this.

€ 120,- (in my country)

In which file do i need to look at the server, the modified this by myself at this moment. Because now it out puts €120,- which looks weird. :blush:

in the file: application/helpers/number_helper.php

line: 28
return $currency_symbol . number_format($amount, ($decimal_point) ? 2 : 0, $decimal_point, $thousands_separator);

change to:
return $currency_symbol . ' ' . number_format($amount, ($decimal_point) ? 2 : 0, $decimal_point, $thousands_separator);

Why so complicated? Simply use €  in the currency symbol settings.

  is the HTML entity for a non-breaking space.

Hero! Didn’t know that html was supported in this field!

Thank you!!!