Non existant payment shown on invoice

Hi there,

While doing some audits I have found an invoice in my system that shows an amount paid on the invoice page, but when I look for payments in the system linked to that invoice there are none.

I have tried querying the database ip_payments table using the invoice_id and it returns no records of payment for that invoice id.

Is there some other way that this payment amount has been issued into the system?

When I load the invoice page, it shows the items, quantities, amounts per item and their totals on the right. Then below “Discount” area (which has nothing filled into it) it says in bold:

Total: $470.00
Paid: $50.00
Balance: $420.00

I can’t find an entry for this $50 anywhere in IP’s system. Why is it there?

The paid amount is only entered by adding a payment.
However, an unknown bug may have caused this issue. To solve it you may set the invoice_paid field to 0 (zero) in the ip_invoice_amounts table for the corresponding invoice, then open the invoice in your browser and save it again.

Thanks Kovah,

This has fixed the problem. Still unsure how it occured.