Issue Custom css PDF and logo

I try my pdf template for quotation and cost to costomize, but if I insert html (which still goes) and I then the add css in the custom-pdf.css it dont work. If i write my css inline to the html it goes.
I thought the css indicated from the custom-pdf.css override the template.css?

  1. problem: (small issue: actual i have a jpg)
    I have a logo in svg and png with transparent background. In the offer pdf it works plausibly, in the calculation pdf the transparents however is black.

  2. problem
    In the settings> system settings> bills - I can specify the footer as html there and this applies for offer pdf and invoice pdf. Unfortunately, the content that I enter there only shows in the calculation pdf.

Thank you vor help!

And excuse my bad english!

Thank you very much.

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