Feature request: "Accounts Contact Person"

Just a simple request for consideration: How about an optional contact person name for clients?

Most of my clients are businesses, so the invoice is made out to the business name. However when I send the invoice via email it is “Dear {{{client_name}}}”, which is usually “Dear Example Company PTY LTD”, very impersonal.

Would it be possible to have an optional “accounts contact” name, so “Dear {{{client_name}}}” would be “Dear John Smith” instead?

Obviously not all companies would have a contact person, so if the field is blank it would revert to “Dear Example Company PTY LTD”.

How does that sound?

At the moment you may add a contact person with a custom field.

In InvoicePlane 2 there will be native support for them.

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Awesome, thanks Kovah.

Will there be a way to make {{{contact_person}}} default to {{{client_name}}} in email templates if {{{contact_person}}} is blank?

Below code is just an example and does not work with any template.

echo (empty($contact_person) ? $client_name : $contact_person);

You may adopt this to work with your custom field now. The default templates for version 2 will implement this behaviour.