InvoicePlane 1.4.9 released

A new release of the InvoicePlane application is available: v1.4.9
You can download the latest version from the InvoicePlane website.

Update Guide | Changelog

This version includes fixes for some critical bugs and some minor improvements. InvoicePlane now ships with a configuration file for Docker.

:warning: Set your URL correctly

To address the latest problems with URL detection and subdirectories you now have to set the URL of your InvoicePlane instance in the index.php file. Please do this either before installing or updating the application to prevent any issues.

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Thanks heaps Kovah and team!

It seems all of the small bugs that had crept in have been fixed.

Two small things:

Reports -> Sales by Date doesn’t seem to work. It just keeps loading indefinitely and seems to slow the whole site to a crawl. I’d love to have this working, it would be a very useful feature for me!

Also, maybe add a reminder to save our Custom Language file when updating? I forgot, luckily I had backed up!

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–AFSADAM - just an FYI if your interested. Here is a nice backup script to run that backs up your sites and does a MYSQLDUMP that you can run as a cron job.

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LOL, I can’t post a link here, but here is the best I can do. I run this daily and keep 5 copies. All of this will work for you if you aren’t running windows.

Sales by Date also not working for me. v1.4.6 and v1.4.8 both wouldn’t work. Going to try rolling back to 1.4.4 as I have an install of that where it works.