Import data from csv

Hello everyone hope someone can help me I’m battling to import data i got my clients.csv right but the others doesn’t seem to work it import but no data

import/models/mdl_import.php 362 line 362 error Severity: Warning --> Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

Please post a sample of the data you want to import. If there are import errors it’s most likely a malformed CSV file.

,14,10/27/2016,Grid Antenn 5-1-5-8GHz 30dBi ,Grid Antenna,100
,14,10/27/2016,1 Usable Static IP,1 Usable Static IP,100
,14,10/27/2016,10 MB Smart Business Uncapped ADSL,10 MB Smart Business Uncapped ADSL,100
,14,10/27/2016,10 meg static adsl,10 meg static adsl,100
,14,10/27/2016,10 Meg Uncapped,10 Meg Uncapped,100
,14,10/27/2016,10/100/1000BASE-T PCI EXPRESS ,10/100/1000BASE-T PCI EXPRESS ,100
,14,10/27/2016,10M6P,10 Meg and 6 POP E-mail Account,100

Hi Kovah! Thanks for your contribution to InvoicePlane.
I’m having the same issue as Chris1. My clients.csv import works smoothly. All the data is imported and reflected in clients.
However, invoice_items, invoices, and payments.csv fail to import any data at all. I have created the CSV file manually, using google sheets, mysql exporter and libreOfficeCalc. None of these files import any data at all.
Are you aware of this issue? Do you know of any fix/patch?

After reviewing the source code and thinking I found a mistake in the code, I realize the error was all mine. The invoices CSV first column mus be a valid USER email not a CLIENT email. This is actually stated in the wiki pages.
Thanks again Kovah!

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