How to add new select option?

Hello All,

For organizational matters, payments are diversified on two different banks. according to the customer or to an article it will be indicated on the invoice reference of a bank A or a bankB.

I would like to know if is possibile add a select option, below that of the “status” like can see on attachment , where i can choose whether to print in the bottom of the invoice, the details of the bank A or B.

It is a bad way to do this?

Not sure what exactly are you asking for but if you are looking for the file to edit this page then the path is:


Good luck!

I would either add a custom field for this where the value is either “a” or “b” for the different bank accounts.

And…how to choose if stamp in invoice data of bank a or bank b? need insert one select in invoice-properties( view.php) to choose the bank?