Time tracking / Working Time and Packaged Working Time

I scrolled through the feature requests but I couldn’t finde something similar.

What I mean with working time:
I work for a customer and record only my work and time i spent.
So the system has to record “what I worked, when I worked” and mark it to that customer.
After a self defined time period I issue a bill for him.
On it its written every single work, the time is needed on every support and of course a total price.

An extension could be Packaged Working Time:
I sell to a customer a 10 hour package and from that package my working time is reduced.
All the time I can tell the customer how much support time is left, and can sell a new package.
It should be able to issue a monthly report where is written, which kind of package he bought, what I worked and how much is left from that package.

I hope I could explain it more or less confusing free, but of course if there are any question, I am happy to discuss.

To show my seriousness I would donate for that feature 100 Euro.

Does nobody like my idea or did I just explain it stupid??

Working time will be included in InvlicePlane 2 as “Time Tracking”.
The time packages ay be a feature for a later version.

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good to hear.
Any idea when version 2 will be launched?

No, sorry. Just started the development so it may be not finished until summer next year as it’s a complete rewrite of the app

Thx for the hint. I’ve read InvoicePlane 2 will not be developed anymore. So maybe you could integrate the feature in Version 1.x?

Oh, may be an deprecated article. IP v2 is in development but not very active due to missing time.
But integration into IP v1 is only possible if a developer implements this on his own.

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Ok thx for the information. I’m looking forward :slight_smile:

Well I am currently working on a module for adding working time.
If it work out like I think I could publish it…


@fips If you need help in frontend styling maybe I can help a bit. Would be an awesome feature!

Any advance on this?
Did u leave the project?

@fips you still working on this module?
Would you like to join our Discord chat on March 1st?

have a look at kimai.org also open source, version 1.7 is the simpler version.


PS, would a very very nice feature

kimai is written in Symfony.
If you join the chat tomorrow we can discuss putting it in InvoicePlane V2.
See announcements @janvl


I have not yet tried version 2 that was build with symphony.
I offered to implement version 1 about 2 years ago for a citycouncil (“city” less then 1500 inhabitants).

At the moment I must work hard on an update of the cms for another citycouncil, bilangual and a rather large site.

I just thought that it would be a great combination, for invoicing in version 1 of kimai was not good enough for me. IP is absolutely superior in invoicing, i use it for my own invoices.


@janvl our meeting is today, March 1st at 14:00 GMT+1

I did tried both versions the since the reference link was posted here. I was not convinced about version 1, but version 2 cover the whole feature and works like a charm. If you need help to integrate it, I’m in, but can’t be there for meetings today. Reply to this thread and let’s keep in touch.

I really need help implementing kimai2 into Laravel.

Could you make a Laravel application from kimai2?
Don’t put too much time into it. If it’s too complicated we’ll make our own.

I had troubles with the Models & Controllers in Symfony. views = twig => blade, should be doable