Issue with invoiceplane

Hi there,

i am using invoice plane latest version for a client. He needed some design customisation and we delivered. However, this is 2nd time this thing happening.

All the sudden, website stop working !

Whenever, trying to visit the website it says " ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS " error.

When, first time this thing happened, we had to setup a clean installation. But, not sure what is the problem is as there is no error log !

I am happy to pay small fees if required.

Is the .htaccess file enabled? If yes please disable it and try again. InvoicePlane itself should not lead to redirect loops so also check your web host configuration.

Hello Kovah,

Thank you for reply.

I disabled but no luck . When you say “Check hosting confg” - what should i check for?

There should be a reason to sudden stop.

What do you use to host I voicePlane? An own server, a rented webspace?

own dedicated server .

Do you administrate this server on your own or do you have another person for that?
In any case: there may be problems with the configuration of the web server (mostly Apache).