Searchable invoices

Hi all,

I was just looking at this project and I like the way it looks and also translates the look to mobile devices.
One feature that I find important but cannot seem to find in any open source invoicing solutions is the possibility to search inside invoices with certain key words. I need this on regular bases to check what I invoiced for something in the past.

Am I right in stating that this also is missing in Invoiceplane?

Thank you!


Hi, a full text search is not yet available for InvoicePlane but may be added in a future release.

thank you.
Would the database be searchable with a tool like PHPMyAdmin? My current software stores invoice items in BLOBs, which aren’t searchable I believe,


Sure, all items are saved as varchar / text fields and thus are searchable. The functionality just needs to be implemented into InvoicePlane.

Awesome. Looking forward to seeing that feature being implemented.