Client Balance Incorrect

Despite multiple paid invoices, the paid total for all of my clients is $0 and the balance is the total of all of their invoices, paid or not. This occurs both on the /clients/view and /clients/status/active pages. It appears to be because there are no payments logged into the system associated with the invoices, but the invoices do show as paid.

It would be nice to either properly flag the invoices as unpaid if no payments are associated with it or to show a $0 balance for all paid invoices. Given how the accounting system works, the first is likely the better solution despite being more complex to implement.

Normally invoices can be set to paid in two different ways:

  • manually by the user by selecting the “Paid” status for the invoice or
  • by adding a payment for this invoice.

If you set the invoice to paid manually the balances and paid sums can’t be set in any way because the system has no values that can be calculated. You can either enter a payment for the invoice or ignore that the paid sum is 0 and balances are equal to the totals.