Invoice date in past won't allow invoice PDF creation

When trying to print an invoice of a client that has not paid yet, I receive the following error: An Error Was Encountered
Unable to load the requested file: invoice_templates/pdf/.php

I am able to successfully generate the invoice as long as the date is at least today’s date or in the future. I’ll admit I haven’t dug into the code much, but looking in the invoice templates directory it appears that the invoice name isn’t being properly generated when it’s past due.

Please set all templates in the invoice system settings.

This is a fresh installation – is there not a default?

After finding the settings, the defaults exist but were not set.

It would be nice to have the program fully functioning without this type of setting but I should’ve checked it.

Also, thanks for the quick and direct response. I know this is free software and appreciate that it exists. I like it quite a bit, but it does have a few rough edges.

Yes, the templates should be set by default after the setup. Maybe something went wrong.

However, happy that it’s fixed now.