Import of Timerecording data

Many freelancers - but not limited to - are using time recording apps to document worktimes

I suggest to support the app time recording since it is the most flexible app (in viewpoint of output data like excel sheets):

The app can export data via mail, dropbox, Google Drive and so on.

Ideally the workflow would be as follows:

-> In InvocePlane select the exported excel sheet to import the data
(Perfect solution: InvoicePlane can query via IMAP/POP a specific mail account to pull the reports send by the app.)
-> InvocePlane parse the sheet and creates a list of times worked for each customer recorded in the sheet.
-> Not known customers can be created on the fly
-> User select the times he wants to put on the invoice
-> InvoicePlane creates for each customer and selected times an invoice (template)

InvoicePlane 2 will offer an API and an import interface to push data into the app.

I doubt it would make sense to write import interfaces for single apps with a non-standardized file format.