Process quote_to_invoice no calculate tax

In function Quote to Invoice not copy the field quote_tax_total of ip_quotes_amounts to invoice_tax_total of ip_invoice_amounts.

This is a problem because if you not enter in the invoice and press button SAVE, the tax of the quote not apply in the invoice…

Please help??

Kovah no help to this problem?


Sorry I have no time to take a look at this at the moment.

This issue still exists in version 1.4.10. Here’s a complete description of the problem & reason for it.
Problem: Discrepancy in total amount between quote & invoice
Exact steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Create a valid quote with few products & few quote tax. Save it.
  2. Now use the option Quote to Invoice to create an invoice.
    Observe that the total amount in the quote & invoice. As an example see the screenshots attached.

    Reason for problem: The discrepancy in the total amount is mainly because the quote taxes are not included in the calculation of total amount for invoice.
    Solution: Saving the invoice updates the invoice total. Now the invoice & quote total match each other. Refreshing the page does not solve the problem but saving the invoice does solve the problem.
    @Kovah the expected behaviour for a normal user will be to see the same total as in quote as soon as the invoice is generated. If this feature was designed intentionally, then please ignore my message.