Invoices in multiple languages

I’m a new user of invoiceplane.

I’m setting up my system and as I live in Belgium where we have 3 official languages and I also have some international clients. I need to be able to send out my invoices in different languages.

Is there a way that I can select in an template which language has to be used? I wouldn’t mind have different templates for every language and selecting the correct one every time I send out an invoice. I don’t want to hard code the text in the templates if possible.

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Apparently nobody has an answer for it.

I have found a workaround, if I change the interface language, my invoices and quotes created during that time change language also. For the moment I can live with it, but adding a feature to the invoice screen with language select would be great, if possible.

When I have more time I’m going to look into it myself and see if i can’t add that feature and I’ll submit a pull request afterwards.

sorry for the missing responses. Having different languages for invoices is not yet implemented but I noted this for InvoicePlane 2.

This is also important to me.

A customer might usually receive a quote in English. (But my frontend is German)
Sometimes the customer might receive a quote in German or in another language.

So my suggestion would be to add a parameter language to the quote (and invoice).
This might be preset by the language of the customer.

Then we might simply adapt the function trans. Add an optinal parameter for the language.

Then a template can use the quote’s language to pass it to the trans function.

I would be happy to help here.

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I just started working on this. Will be included in 1.5.0

This is also important to me.
Does this mean that an additional setting will be added to the customer(client) setting?

Yes, clients will get their own language setting and all PDFs generated for the client will use the specified language.


Hi, i have been working with Invoiceplane no more than a few weeks and i already find it amazing.

I have the latest version 1.5.4 installed, and face a small issue with the language similar with what people mentioned above. Trying the dual language invoicing and it seems to be working fine if you set the customer’s language accordingly.

However, i cannot get the custom URL for Quotes to be translated. Although the PDF is translated to the customer’s language, the Link is not. Checked the language files and saw the strings are correctly translated, seems like something prevents the translation to trigger.

Any help appreciated, thank you

Hi, thanks for all the great work with PaperPlane. It’s a great open source software and glad someone is still maintaining it. It’s perfect for little start-up.

I also stuggle with multi-languages clients (some in English and some in French). Here is what work and doesn’t work (should be implemented as a suggestion)

  • Works
    Clients in selected language gets the proper language PDF created (nice)

  • Doesn’t work
    Clients in selected language, don’t selected language when they click on their “Guest URL”. It brings them to the English even if French is selected for them (again the PDF itself when generated is in wanted language). The “Invoice” string should use the translation field “Facture” and "Pay Now button’… the gateway instruction as well which is pulling from application/modules/guest/views/payment_information.php

I have been thinking of having two separate installations, but for compilation of numbers and backups it’s a PITA.

Thanks for your great work again, seriously when my business make money I will donate for sure!

Sorry PaperPlane = InvoicePlane lol. it’s late!!

Hey guys,
I like Invoice Plane , and would like to share how the multilanguage is done in my previous paid system .

All invoices are always using system language , however near the action buttons (SEND, PRINT, DOWNLOAD) there is s dropdown with availiable translations . Thus when you send to client - you pick one language and click send. But for yourself you get it in default language.

This is quite easy to use .

At the moment , i know i can set clients language , and invoice will be in secondary language , BUT when i need sending invoice to accountancy - i need to do this in native primary language , thus i have to change language on CLIENT tab to get it changed.

Hopefully DEVs will notice this post :wink:lang