Client-side registration, login, dashboard/portal

Hi all,

I’ve seen it mentioned around the internet that there is some sort of ability to create user logins so clients can login and view/pay (their) invoices. I can’t seem to find any real info about this, and don’t see it working in the demo. Is this an available feature? Or is it not?

Do clients have the ability to register themselves as new clients/create their login? That would be great. Perhaps a feature for a future release if not…

Checkout our wiki (also linked in the orange box at the top of this page) :wink:

Hi Wemakeprints,

Yes, this is a great feature. Especially you are dealing with Quotation. Once you created a new Quotation, you can choose from the Options button to Send Email. The client can login and act on further. Whether to Approve or Reject your proposed Quotation. But before you do that you need to create a new User Account and tag the account to your client (company).

Hi Kovah, on the client-side, the Download PDF link causes error on:

application/modules/mailer/helpers/phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php line 1430.

if (!$result) {
throw new phpmailerException($this->trans(‘instantiate’), self::STOP_CRITICAL);

I commented this out and it works fine. Is this just me?