How to adjust Timezone

Hi, Could you please tell me how I can set my timezone to local time (New Zealand)? My server is based in the US so when I create a new invoice it is created with yesterdays date. I remember having the same issue a few years back with Fusion Invoice but can’t remember how we resolved it.


Does the local time of your servers needs to be set in the US? If not you might want to change it.

I have InvoicePlane running on shared server with a web host based in the US so I doubt that I have the ability to change the server time?

You could try to add

ini_set('date.timezone', 'YourTimezoneHere');

at the top of the index.php file of InvoicePlane.


Kia ora Kovah
This seems to have worked :slight_smile:


Thanks Kovah! I’ll do this too. Perhaps the team working on IPv2 would be able to ad “change timezone” as an option in the software?

Yes, I think we could add a per-user setting for the timezone.

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