Can't create invoice

Suddenly, I can’t add invoices any more. Invoice is created and saved. But when I want to add something into the invoice. The message (endless loop): Application is stopped due to an error. When I try to enable debugging, I can’t find the activation place. The logs folder is empty. Someone an idea:

  1. what can cause this issue
  2. How to enable debugging



Please read the FAQ before posting:

I’ve seen that FAQ:

Enable the debug mode in the system settings in the General Settings tab.
For me there is no debug setting in the general settings. How is that possible?

OK, It was because of the Dutch language settings. When I change the language to English, the debug setting appears. But the Log directory stays empy apart from an index.html file.

OK it is solved…I had the same issue as: Incorrect decimal value: '' for column 'item_discount_amount' at row 1 DEBU