InvoicePlane is searching for a Designer

Dear community,

a few things changed in the last weeks. We found many new developers and the planning for InvoicePlane 2 already started. The project is not dead.

Besides the development for InvoicePlane 2 we would like to merge all websites into one and put on some fresh makeup. For this we are searching for a designer that would like to work an a new design for the website(s). We can’t offer any salary for the job but the designer will for sure get a “Design by xyz” link on the website that is currently viewed more than 6000 times per month.

If you are interested please reply to this topic. If you know someone who might be interested, please share this topic with him or her.

Main Goal

The main is to redesign the complete InvoicePlane websites. More background information and the basic structure can be found here. The new website will consist of many different pages and elements to provide information for interested users, community members, developers and maintainers.

Main Task

The task for the Designer(s) would be to create a design for the new InvoicePlane website, the wiki --and the internal dashboard-- while honoring the current color scheme for the project:

  • Dark Grey - #363636
  • Primary Blue - #2181CE
  • Primary Blue (lighter) - #429AE1
  • Primary Blue (darker) - #1E73B8

The goal is to provide new designs for the website as .png’s or better: Sketch, Marketch, Illustrator or any other source files. The frontend/backend developers will then implement the design.


The new website should go live with the server transition at 2017-02-01. So the design should be finished by October 2016.

Additional information

:warning: But please do not rush and create a new 5-minute-design from scratch. Please wait for others to join the team and take a look at the current websites to get a feeling for what we need.

How to get started

Join the discussion about the new website at the #web-development channel of our Slack chat.

Thanks in advance!

HI Kovah
We could be interested in helping on the design project.
We are a Canadian couple, semi retired, web design team.
We work exclusively in Joomla.
Using InvoicePlane to help manage billing for ~75 websites and hosting accounts.
What time lines are you hoping to meet?


Hi! Thanks for the interest! I’ve updated the main topic with more information.

@BizSmith Still interested?

I am self taught illustrator user happy to help. If you tell me what you want i am sure i can achieve something or at least have a go.