Client Information not Grabbed while adding guest user

while I am trying to add a guest user account it is not grabbing the already saved user information for the database is that a feature that is to be included in the later version or is it already there and I am not able to use it ??

On application\modules\layout\views\layout.php - Line 41

Add this line after line 40 that is make this line 41

<script src="<?php echo base_url(); ?>assets/default/js/libs/bootstrap-typeahead.js"></script>

please note that in the user accounts form the user,company,email,address,password,verify password & user type should be manually entered it can be anything so it will not be grabbed form the database… Make sure you give the right email address because that will be used to login.

after filling this information you with get an option to add client and while you type the first letter of the existing client the full name will grabbed from the database automatically if you have added the above line as instructed. You can then click on it and give submit and then close that window you can see that the client will then be added to the client access area then click save. This will add new user to invoiceplane.

Note : email address given in the user account form may be different form the email address given in the client form that does not matter… client form mail address is used to grab the mail address while sending email to the client while the mail address used in the user account form is used to login to view invoices etc… But it is recommended to use same email address for both user accounts form and client form just to avoid any confusion and smooth functioning… :slight_smile: