Rebuild of the InvoicePlane website, Wiki and internal Dashboard

Hello @Developers and @Contributors,
we want to merge the InvoicePlane website, the wiki and the internal dashboard into one backend.
This is the information thread about what needs to be done.

Current state

At the moment there are three instances of Laravel which handle the three sites. All of them work separately. Additionaly there are multiple other sites that run with other tools.


Create a new Laravel instance that is capable of providing these websites:

Site overview

Main website

Landing page for interested users, general information about the project and links to all other sites.

List of all pages

  • Frontpage
  • Downloads
  • Hosting (links to all hosting partners)
  • Demo (links to all demo instances)
  • About (general information)
  • Help page (information on how to get help)
  • Donations
  • Contact
  • Media (InvoicePlane logo and other media assets)
  • License and Copyright


Provides the wiki for all versions.
The repository can be found here.

URL Shortener

IP2 currently uses Yourls as a URL shortener. To minimize the overload on instances, the URL shortener should be included into the main website’s backed.


Save error logs and get a link to share it with the community. Pastes can be deleted from an admin panel.

Internal Dashboard

Overview of all functionality:

  • API for all InvoicePlane instances to get the latest version
  • API for all InvoicePlane instances to get the latest news
  • provides analytics data for all update requests
  • provides analytics data for all downloads

Want to help?

Please join the #web-development channel at our Slack chat to join the discussion.
If you already familiar with development for InvoicePlane you can also take a look at the Jira project