Reports by date


We’re developing a new report in order to control sales by date. The report is based in a legal requirement in Spain which must calculate total invoices bigger than 3000 euros for customer / year and show them by quarter. Should be like this:

Customer invoices are bigger than 3000 --> then --> show total and quantity by quarter

So, in order to be more flexible and universal, we’re adapting the report to have more features, like choosing the dates and quantities, so should be like this:

Min Quantity
Max Quantity
Date From
Date To

And the report should show quantities invoiced in that period, with totals and by quarters (Jan-March, Apr-Jun, …)

We’ll be adding it to the github repository during next week.

Any feedback meantime will be welcome.

Maybe it would be even more flexible if you could choose the minimum amount and not the hard-coded 3000,- Euro.

Yeah, maybe I didn’t explain well. It’s gonna be like that. Maximum and minimum quantities are going to be in blank, so everybody can fill it up with custom quantity.

I am very new to Github. I want to get this code from the github repository. Please give me its name so i can find it.